Now You Can Add Appraisal Reviews as a New Revenue Stream to Your Existing Appraisal Business—or Even Make It Your Full-Time Job

Everything you need to know about how to make money doing appraisal reviews is covered in this audio home study program

There are a lot of classes and courses you can take. But my program covers everything you really need to know about the review business — things others don’t teach you — so that you can start making money doing reviews quickly and confidently.

Now there’s an answer for every appraiser who has ever asked, “How can I make more money?”


Dear Fellow Appraiser,

If you’re an experienced appraiser or even a relative beginner … and you think the business is not what it used to be or should be … you’re not alone.

The appraisal profession has changed significantly.  And there are many appraisers who are struggling and making a fraction of what they once earned.

The solution: add appraisal reviews to your practice!

Let’s face it, things are very different today and you can’t afford to sit back and hope to do business as usual.

What needs to be done now is to expand and diversify, especially from residential -mortgage appraising: specifically, to add appraisal reviews to your practice.

There’s plenty of review work and room for others – I’ll show you sources that can send you assignments and keep you busy. For many, appraisal reviews are an ideal source of part-time income. Others find appraisal reviews so profitable that they earn a full-time living from it … without kowtowing to lenders and poorly run appraisal management companies.

This is a unique training opportunity from a veteran Appraiser turned Reviewer who earned over $80,000 last year and some years much more

My name is Ron Maloney, an appraiser who has experienced good and bad times over the past 30 years. I’ve done field work, owned an appraisal company and worked in Corporate America. But most importantly, I’ve reviewed or had input into over 100,000 valuation reports and have had the opportunity to work with some of the best Appraisers in our profession.

Today, I make my living doing appraisal reviews and it would not have been possible if it weren’t for the mentors I had, whom I owe a debt of gratitude, and my independent nature. This combination has allowed me to carve out a niche that earns me a good income and provides a nice lifestyle.

What if you could earn $12,000…$25,000…$40,000 or even $80,000 a year or more reviewing reports from home…or anywhere you’d like?

What’s the income you’d like to make? Maybe your number is a more modest one – maybe you’d like to make just a thousand or two a month – enough to supplement your current income or provide a retirement “cushion”.  Or perhaps you need a full-time income to replace the one you have now. Good news is, that’s doable.

Last year I made over $80,000, that’s an average of $7,000 a month, without even leaving my house!  And this year I may do even better.

Now you can learn everything I know on how to make money doing appraisal reviews. I’ll even teach you strategies and techniques that are proven to get new accounts and repeat orders for any appraisal business.


Perhaps this is the BEST, least understood area in our profession  

From my experience I can tell you that the review end of the business has a lot of advantages over the traditional appraisal business:

#1 — To begin with, there is less competition, because fewer than 15% of appraisers do any type of review work at all. So you are able to offer a service that your competitors don’t know much about. You can choose to do desk or field reviews or do both, since they are very similar.

In fact, of the 82,250 real estate appraisers working in the U.S. today, only 10% are actually classified as review appraisers. But most practicing appraisers, likely yourself included, already have the basic expertise to do appraisal reviews.  

#2 — There is very little lender pressure and much less liability, particularly with the advent of Fannie’s Collateral Underwriter program. Best of all, you are treated with respect and as an expert—not as a commodity.

#3 — You get more non-lender work. Independent appraisal reviews provide welcome diversification from bank origination and retail work.

#4 — No chasing late paying customers or running up big accounts receivables-you get paid on time.

#5 — Age is not a factor. There is no age discrimination. In fact, your experience is your biggest advantage. And you can use it to help improve and make our profession better.

#6 — With desk reviews you work entirely from home, so there is no commute, traffic, headaches or gas and toll costs. No field work is required so there are no concerns about bad weather or difficulty trying to locate comparables.

#7 — There are no scheduling and appointment issues with desk reviews and even most field review assignments, if you decide to do them. So, you don’t have to deal with ill-tempered or fickle home owners or worry about aggressive dogs.

#8 — Offering appraisal review services can provide you with an additional income stream or a full-time business, with significant upside potential. If you’re at or near retirement age, performing appraisal reviews can provide a great source of extra income to enhance retirement.

#9 — Reviewing appraisals sitting at your desk at home is not physically demanding. So you can work regardless of most illnesses, injuries, disabilities and limitations.

#10 — Minimal start-up costs, low overhead and a very high profit margin. All you need is a phone, a PC and an Internet connection. No office to rent – work at home. No employees to pay.

#11 — No meetings to go to. Any training needed is done by phone or online. No commute. Be yourself and dress the way you want. Change from “suit and tie” to “shorts and t shirts”.

#12 — Independent review appraisers have flexible work schedules. You work when you want to, decide how much vacation time you take and turn down work you don’t want.

#13 — Your independent appraisal review business is completely portable and re-locatable. Work anywhere you want. And you don’t answer to any boss but you. You work on your own with only minimal client interaction. No one can “fire” you.

#14 — No costly data services to pay for- only work with companies that provide them. And, no portal fees either!

#15 — Learn more from reviewing other appraiser’s reports


How to Make Money Doing Appraisal Reviews: Course Outline

My “How to Make Money Doing Appraisal Reviews” audio training program consists of 10 one hour+ classes with 2 free bonus sessions (see below).

It takes about an hour or so of listening per segment and you can learn without leaving the comfort of your own home, or with any additional expense. In these trainings you will learn everything you need to know to start making $2,000 … $5,000 … even $7,500 a month or more doing appraisal reviews at home. And you can take the course absolutely risk-free. Read on for details….

Class 1: Getting the most out of this course

  • A brief program overview
  • Overcome your fear and make a change
  • A perspective of this unique training course
  • Why I made a decision to teach it

Class 2: How I run a Highly Profitable Business from my Desk

  • A typical day and a better model
  • The physical setup, equipment, data and online resources
  • The best clients to have and reviews to do
  • The importance of product diversification
  • Review Appraiser liability
  • How I do reviews from home – or anywhere

Class 3:  A Smarter Approach to Review Appraising

  • The role of the Reviewer
  • The Reviewer’s mindset
  • How you can develop the characteristics of a good Reviewer
  • How you can perform effective and efficient reviews
  • The most applicable principle of appraising and appraisal guidelines
  • What your clients want from you (and what they’re not interested in)
  • My “KISS” approach to the Market Analysis and adjustment process
  • The most meaningful points to make (cont. in week #4)
  • The most significant deficiencies you’ll find (cont. in week #4)
  • How to handle a “tough” assignment and make the proper “calls”


Class 4: Strategies for Getting Started and Succeeding as a Review Appraiser

  • The 3 easiest ways to get review assignments
  • 5 types of clients that order appraisal reviews and who’s in charge of placing them
  • How I’ve gotten business and stayed busy while others have not
  • What do you say to a potential new client (and what never to say)
  • How geographic competency affected the review business
  • Two simple ways to grow your business and how it increased my business by 34%
  • How getting only one quality client can change your financial situation and make you money for years and years to come
  • How to increase your orders by 50% or more by using my “better than Follow-up” technique and “lock – in” clients at the same time
  • Ways to establish credibility


Class 5: The Use of Templates

  • 10 reasons to use templates
  • Use my templates or modify them for your own use
  • Clients will say “you don’t miss anything!”
  • What to “highlight” in your review
  • Review of a completed review using a template
  • 5 reasons to review your reviews


Class 6: Advanced Review Appraising (Session A)

  • How to identify risks of overvaluation
  • Which adjustments Appraisers are reluctant to make and why
  • The importance of finding obsolescence and uncovering “masked” conditions –and measuring their effect on value and marketability
  • Why bracketing is important and other guidelines to keep in mind
  • Recognizing the difference between incompetence and fraud
  • The single best indicator of value (and it’s not what you’re thinking!)
  • How to complete your reviews so that they won’t be questioned and how to handle it if one is
  • The “worst” thing to do in a review
  • Review of 2 completed SFR reviews

Class 7: Advanced Review Appraising (Session B)

  • Review of Example Appraisals and Completed Reviews
  • Use of 1-4 family, coops and condos template
  • Use of BPO template

Class 8: Advanced Review Appraising (Session C)

  • Assignment Requirements – Intended Use, General Instruction
  • Scope of Work (SOW)
  • Review of BPO report and Completed Review
  • Review of Example Appraisal and Completed Review
  • Use of BPO template

Class 9: The only sure way to guarantee your success  

  • Developing your “Why” and staying motivated
  • How to overcome fear, indecision and procrastination
  • Developing a success mindset
  • Why your schedule is so crucial

Class 10: Marketing Your Review Services

  • Identifying your target market
  • How to get mailing lists of potential clients in your area
  • How to write a killer sales letter that brings in new business
  • Best offline and online marketing tactics
  • How to use content to market your appraisal services.
  • How writing a report to decision makers about the benefits of using your services could land a big account
  • Developing your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • How to use a website and LinkedIn to get even more business


FREE Bonus Class #1: How to Get Hired in the Corporate World as a Review Appraiser

Find out how from an Appraiser who has been hired as a Sr. Reviewer, an Appraisal Manager and even a Chief Reviewer

  • Conducting the job search
  • The Significance of Cover letters
  • Qualifications, skills, and training
  • Why you might want to “dummy down” your resume
  • How to Ace the interview and get hired

FREE Bonus Class #2: How to Improve Your Business by Getting Healthier 

Learn from a Health Coach who graduated from a world class integrative nutrition program

  • How to sleep better so you can be more productive
  • The easy and healthy way to prevent acid reflux
  • The bad foods you may be eating too much of
  • The one food group you need to include more of
  • Vitamin deficiencies caused by stress and desk jobs
  • One simple thing to do at your desk to banish that 3 pm energy slump
  • And more….


Why am I offering to share my “secret” niche?  

Knowing that there are so many appraiser’s struggling, including my own friends, is the main reason behind putting this program together.  Money troubles are on everybody’s mind as everything costs more, it’s harder to afford the little pleasures in life and we are working longer to fund our retirements.

After speaking with so many in the industry, I realize that review work is a “quiet” money maker that others could benefit from doing. One of my friends asked if I was concerned about creating competition and my answer is this: I can only do a tiny fraction of the review work that is available and for me teaching is a natural shift or “evolution” in my career.

I also know how fortunate I am to have been taught and mentored by some outstanding people.  And at this point, I’m motivated to “pay it forward” and believe this is as good a way to begin as any.


Twenty-five appraisers each paid $891 to participate in my original one – time – only live teleseminar training program “How to Make Money Doing Appraisal Reviews”. The course was a success for all that attended; some report an increased confidence and improvement in their appraisal business, others indicate that they have a renewed “faith” and “re-ignited” enthusiasm for our profession and some even say it has been life changing. Many are already busy getting paid to review reports and the truth is their success is my success.  And not one dropped out or requested a refund, even though I offered a 2-part money back guarantee to ensure their total satisfaction and make sure they were 100% happy with their investment in the program.

Today you can own the complete audio home study version of “How to Make Money Doing Appraisal Reviews for only $197, a fraction of the cost of the original live program. You’ll receive the recordings of the live program – 10 classes and 2 Bonus Classes – a 50+ page Program Guide and all class materials (including example completed reviews, templates for your reviews and all additional training materials used in the course). Along with my unconditional money-back guarantee of satisfaction below, this really is the proverbial No-Brainer.



Here’s what just a handful of our students say!




Are You Ready to Begin Making Thousands a Month Doing Appraisal Reviews?

I have been a professional appraiser for over 30 years, I enjoy the review business and my goal is to help some fellow appraisers make a good living doing work they can enjoy as well – there’s a lot less headaches, expenses and hassles doing this type of work.

Now, you can learn how to get paid to review appraisal reports in my “How to Make Money Doing Appraisal Reviews” audio home study training program.

I promise you this: you’ll enjoy the low key, but upbeat, informative audio presentations, all recorded live. And you will be able to learn in a relaxing way, all from the comfort of your home. Soon you won’t be just thinking about what you could do, you’ll actually be making it happen.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from an appraiser who gets paid to do review valuation reports. It’s one thing to read about a subject, or take a theoretical course but it’s another altogether to learn from someone who reviews reports every day.

In my program, I lay out for you exactly what appraisal reviews involve and why this could be the IDEAL business for you – initially as a sideline…second income source…or as your primary business and career or…as the perfect retirement income activity.

So, whether you want to make extra money or make a full-time income … extend your career or supplement your retirement…my program can help you do just that.

If you are really ready for an easier way of making a good living and a having more independent lifestyle, then ordering my course could be life changing.

To secure your order and learn how to get paid to do appraisal reviews…and begin making thousands of dollars a month … just click the order button below now:




Ron Maloney, Certified Appraiser and Approved Instructor

P.S. BONUS — I want to ensure your success. So, order today and along with your 10 audio class…Program guide and class materials…I’ll include 3 Months of Private Group Coaching calls- that were also recorded live – at absolutely no additional cost.  These additional training sessions are jam-packed with information that our participants found to be helpful in getting them past any difficulties and developing a strategy for getting started, and can be invaluable to your success. 


Veteran Appraiser Ron Maloney


Ronald D. Maloney is the owner of Professional Collateral Analysts. He performs reviews of valuation reports for accuracy and to identify risk of overvaluation, reconciliation, fraud detection and USPAP compliance. He was a founder and former co-owner of Classic Appraisals Corp. Mr. Maloney is a certified appraiser in NY, CT and WA and an Approved Instructor as well as a Regional Advisor (RA) and Subject Matter Expert for the state of NY. He holds a B.S. degree from Lock Haven State University.